Doing Epic Sh*t, or the NYC Marathon

(I skipped September.  I know I did.  And October.  I know it.  I started writing but never finished.  I was in a very bad, negative place, and didn’t want to inflict myself on anyone.  I’m not sure I’m quite past it yet, but I have so much to tell here, that I don’t want to lose it.)

Can I put this on my CV?  New York City Marathon Class of 2016.  As I try and process everything that happened to me over a weekend and 26.2 miles (no, it didn’t take me all weekend to run 26.2 miles.   I’m slow, but not THAT slow.  But I did spend the weekend with friends and doing a 5k the day before), right now I have snippets of memories.

I’ve come back to this a week later and am still trying to get myself in order to write about this.

Now it’s two weeks later, and I’m still figuring it out.  So much figuring out that I registered for the Chicago Marathon lottery today.  (WTF??)

This spot will be revised.  Right now…

Miles 1-8 I was in love.  Verazzano Bridge and Brooklyn… I love this.  Such great energy!  I know I said I was going to be one and done but… no, I have to do this one again, I love this.  I never knew I could love this so much!

Miles 9-12 I was like WTF why am I STILL in Brooklyn?!?!?  And then finally…

Miles 13-15 I was chill, then the 59th St. Bridge, oh for the love of all things holy we have to be in Utah by now how long is this effing bridge (a guy in my NYCM facebook group said, “That efffin bridge loves you and we call it the Queensboro bridge”)….  I know it’s the Queensboro Bridge, but I am old enough to remember Simon and Garfunkel and the whole way across I was singing “Feeling Groovy” which is aka “the 59th St. Bridge Song”. It was kinda heady to have that.  But when you get off on 59th and 1st Ave. and realize you can do math and it’s EIGHTYFIVEBLOCKS til Willis Ave. bridge and it’s HELL TO THE NO I am NEVER doing this one again WTF was I thinking… then it was OMG it’s dark and I’m lost and then Grand Concourse in the Bronx – different part, but still – my dad grew up there, on Grand Concourse. I may have cried.  img_3505

Fifth Ave. was so annoying with the cobblestones and getting lost again… UGH maybe this will be the end of marathons for me, this is about all I can take, then through Central Park and Cheryl and Ady came to meet me and distract me a little, then it was OMG already the finish line is there, why the HELL is it UPHILL at this point… OMG pull up the skirt or it’s falling right off… I’m done I’m done!!

Six hours later I left on a plane for Turks and Caicos (for work!) and decided I didn’t feel that bad, and it was probably the most favorite marathon I have ever run, and I have to do this again.